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  • Personalized guidance that fits the student's schedule and goals, from the comfort of their own home.

  • A guided college admissions process with straightforward, honest, and transparent conversations.

  • Expert, up-to-date, and insider information from a former college admissions counselor with a vast professional network.

  • Transformational Coaching that emphasizes the academic, professional, and personal growth of students.

  • Student-centered process focused on building executive functioning skills, autonomy, independence, and self-advocacy.

  • Reduced stress, time saved, and one-on-one support with industry experts.


Empowering Students for a Better Tomorrow

We believe that every student deserves an opportunity for success and happiness. By building honest, transparent, and authentic relationships with students, we guide them in cultivating a sense of agency and empower them on a journey of holistic development.

Jessica Chermak

Sawyer Earwood

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How to Work With Us

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How To Work With Us
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"My daughter worked with Jessica from the very beginning of her college search. She really got to know Sophie throughout every session and asked very pointed questions about what Sophie was looking for in a college. After some time, they were able to narrow it down to nine schools across the US. Together they completed the college application process from A-Z along with editing Sophie’s specific college essays too! I could be as involved as a parent or not. Jessica was always there to answer Sophie’s questions and mine too! In the end, she got into her “dream” school and is now attending UC Santa Barbara."

Allison S.


"Sawyer was truly a Godsend for my son. He was struggling with finding what his story could be, and Sawyer helped him to realize that he was actually on the right track and that he shouldn't lose patience with himself in the process. His personal statement took several iterations, but it was because he was digging a little deeper each time, and Sawyer knew when it was the right time to stop digging and just have it speak for itself... Coming from the admissions perspective, his words and guidance were like gold that truly opened up doors for my son, as seen by the kind of acceptances he has received from the colleges... I would not hesitate to recommend Sawyer and Jess to anyone I know who needs that kind of guidance and their teamwork has an exciting synergy as well. I look forward to having my incoming 9th grader work with them in another 3 years."

Tara D.


"Jessica and Sawyer were recommended by the college counselor that had worked with my oldest daughter. My younger daughter was supposed to work with that same college counselor, but she did not have any openings. It was then that she recommended VCC. My daughter met with Jessica and Sawyer in their 30 min zoom meet & greet, and immediately connected with them. They worked together on her personal statement, her supplements and college list building. Throughout the entire process, Olivia gave positive reviews about Jessica and Sawyer every single time. She was never disappointed or hard on herself. I was also impressed how they were able to keep her on track, given how much of a procrastinator she is (by her own definition). My daughter will be going to Barnard College. I was so pleased with VCC that my youngest is now working with them on his college applications."

Edith O.

(New Jersey)

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