"I coach people to empower them to develop a strong sense of agency, independence, and purpose. I believe that every journey is unique and every path is personalized for the traveler. There is no one-path-fits-all solution. Everyone is capable of positive change, both within themselves and in the outside world. I believe that when empowered with a sense of agency, people can begin a personalized journey of positive transformation. I am a humanist and believe that humanity is stronger when united through advocacy for others to promote a wiser, kinder, and more equitable world."

- Sawyer Earwood

"I coach others on their journeys of self-discovery, by encouraging agency and autonomy, resiliency, mindfulness, and personal and professional growth. I engage my clients in motivational interviewing and self-exploration, while establishing a foundation in self-efficacy, equity, and equality to support students to reach their full potential. My coaching strategies foster relationships founded in integrity, trust, mutual respect, and openness."

- Jessica Chermak

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