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Empowering Students for a Better Tomorrow

Virtual College Counselors provides stress-free, personalized, and professional one-on-one college guidance with innovative and passionate experts from the comfort of a student’s own home.

Jessica Chermak

Jessica Chermak, Co-Founder, Virtual College Counselors, LPC, MA, CEP

Sawyer Earwood

Sawyer Earwood, Co-Founder, Virtual College Counselors, CEP

College Admissions Consulting Services

Every student deserves an opportunity for success and happiness. By building honest, transparent, and authentic relationships with students, we guide them in cultivating a sense of agency and empower them on a journey of holistic development. While college might be the goal, we emphasize a student-centered process of holistic development including academic, professional, and personal growth. At our core, we believe that every student deserves an opportunity for success and happiness. Supporting and advocating for our students requires honesty, transparency, and authentic relationships with students to guide them in cultivating a sense of agency and empowering them on a journey of holistic development.

Our college advising curriculum is designed to guide students through the entire college search and application process including:

As we work with students through our curriculum and their personalized journey, we emphasize six major Growth Goals: ​​​

  1. Fostering Independence & Cultivating a Sense of Agency 

  2. Aligning Personal Values With Academic & Professional Goals

  3. Promoting Critical Thinking & Creativity 

  4. Encouraging Self-Reflection

  5. Improving Communication Skills 

  6. Embracing Uncertainty.

  • Extracurricular Guidance 

  • Summer Planning 

  • Professional Workshops

  • Gap Year Planning

  • Testing Strategies

  • College Research 

  • College List Development 

  • Essay Services 

  • Scholarship Research

  • Academic Advising

Engaged High School Students Applying to College
High Schools and Organizations Interestd in College Counseling Services
Two Professional Working Together to Build an IEC Business


Our students have been accepted into over 190 different colleges and universities across the globe ranging from small privates, large publics, highly competitive, and everything in between. Students are unique, schools are unique, and finding a good fit is paramount to a successful experience. We work with students and families to help define a good fit by considering academics, location, size, financial fit, campus culture, student services, and several other categories.

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