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— Kara, California

I have endless good things to say about Jess... Not only does she know an incredible amount about specific schools (and tons of them), but she can help match you to schools that would be a good fit basically off the top of her head, and she’s spot on! Her kindness, patience, empathy, and brilliance made the whole process seem much less overwhelming, and even fun. Jess has a unique way of reducing the stress and focusing on getting you excited and involved in the process. My experience with Jess has been amazing in every way. She has stuck with me through my indecisive, ever-changing ideas for school. She has supported me to find the best possible matches... As someone who has struggled with anxiety about the vast amount of schools to choose from, the societal pressure of college, and school in general, having someone to show me the reality, and show me the options, was game changing. Having an independent college counselor that isn’t through your school, that isn’t parental, but just a resource exclusively for YOU is so valuable. Truly, Jess has changed my life in the most positive way.

"Jess was amazing from the moment we first spoke, which was about a year before we actually did anything. She was generous with her time and her knowledge. Most importantly she made our daughter feel comfortable and confident. Jess was very communicative and helped encourage our daughter to be more open minded and to apply to more schools to have a safety net. Jess really gave our daughter the ability to empower herself and walk through the process with ease. We are extremely happy with the result and would HIGHLY recommend VCC to anyone looking for a professional to help guide their college student (while keeping the peace at home)! Thanks Jess!"

— Kara, Parent, California

Gap Year

— Celi, Colorado

-Celi, Gap Year, Colorado

Class of 2022

Hendrix College

— Thalia, New Mexico

"One thing that stood out to me about Sawyer was how quickly and how kindly he responded to my countless emails… He always made time to ask about me and how my day was, what I was doing over the summer, what my family was doing… I think that because of the time he took to get to know me, he started to know that I was a good fit for Hendrix even before I did myself… Simply the fact that I considered a school in Conway, let alone went there and love it, speaks to Sawyer’s ability to match students' personalities, skills, and passions with a school that is best able to compliment and encourage them… I am so grateful that I had Sawyer to help me navigate through the admissions process, and I can’t imagine having done it without him!"

— Thalia '22, New Mexico

"My daughter started her college search a little late. From the moment my daughter met with Jess, she immediately connected with her and ensured that there was time to make the most of the college admission process. Jess helped with crafting essays by giving prompts and support during the writing process. Jess has expertise in knowing the process and gives wise advice. I appreciate that Jess put my daughter in the driver seat and gave her the encouragement to do her very best and she was always available for support. Thank you Jess."


— Cynthia, California

-Cynthia, Parent, CA

Class of 2024

University of South Carolina - Beaufort

— Sophie, Colorado

"As a senior in Highschool, I had no idea how the college application process worked. Jess took me through the whole thing and we found a great set of schools to apply to. She really helped me understand what kind of school would be best for me both academically and socially and made it happen. Almost all of the stress of school searching was gone and that helped me focus on finishing AP classes strong. I'm very happy with my school and it was definitely the right choice! I do not know where I would be today without Jess."

— Andrew '22, Colorado

"Working with Jessica made my application experience so much easier. She was by my side every step of the way, never leading me, but still close enough to catch me if I fell. From the day I met Jessica, she made the process less scary. I knew that I was in the right hands. Jessica also has the best personality. She is super outgoing, kind, supportive, etc... Even today I still know that she is supporting me, and she will be there to help me up if I fall. Jessica, thank you for everything!!!"

— Sophie '24, Colorado

Class of 2022

Colorado State University

— Andrew, California

Class of 2024

Northern Arizona University

— Daniel, California

"Jess made my process of choosing the right school so much easier to manage and less stressful. She helped me choose a bunch of schools that looked like a good fit for me, and after I visited each campus she helped me narrow down each one. I am extremely happy with where I am now, and I would not be in this same position without her help."

— Daniel '24, California

"Working with Mr. Earwood was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had... my experience would have been completely different without him. He walked me through absolutely everything, was available through email, text messages, and phone calls. He even helped me apply for a scholarship that’s deadline had already passed and then personally called me to tell me that I received it. After I stepped foot onto campus, I continued to work with Mr. Earwood through the admissions department. He allowed me to share personal stories with the prospective students and even shared some of his own. He has always been an advisor for me... I know that Mr. Earwood will always be someone that I can reach out to in a time of need and I am incredibly grateful for that."

Class of 2021

Hendrix College

— Britani, Tennessee

— Britani '21, Tennessee

Class of 2021

Hendrix College

— Connie, Louisiana

"My daughter worked with Jessica from the very beginning of her college search. She really got to know Sophie throughout every session and asked very pointed questions about what Sophie was looking for in a college. After some time, they were able to narrow it down to nine schools across the US. Together they completed the college application process from A-Z along with editing Sophie’s specific college essays too! I could be as involved as a parent or not. Jessica was always there to answer Sophie’s questions and mine too! In the end, she got into her “dream” school and is now attending UC Santa Barbara."

— Allison, Parent, Colorado

Class of 2020

University of California

Santa Barbara

— Sophie, Colorado

Sawyer was truly a Godsend for my son. He was struggling with finding what his story could be, and Sawyer helped him to realize that he was actually on the right track and that he shouldn't lose patience with himself in the process. His personal statement took several iterations, but it was because he was digging a little deeper each time, and Sawyer knew when it was the right time to stop digging and just have it speak for itself. Sawyer kept him on track each week and kept him accountable for the process. Coming from the admissions perspective, his words and guidance were like gold that truly opened up doors for my son, as seen by the kind of acceptances he has received from the colleges, in a truly strange year when the competition was fierce and the process even more unpredictable. I would not hesitate to recommend Sawyer and Jess to anyone I know who needs that kind of guidance and their teamwork has an exciting synergy as well. I look forward to having my incoming 9th grader work with them in another 3 years.

— Tara, Parent, Illinois

"I remember when I was a senior in high school, anxious to hear back from any college about acceptance. Sawyer reached out to me before Hendrix had, and tried to unpack some of that anxiety. He patiently answered all my questions, ranging from how college life was like to how to make my costs of attendance a little more manageable. He guided me through the process of applying for more aid, and he regularly checked in on me after I'd settled down my freshman year. He's an awesome guy who knows his stuff, and he'll help anyway he can to get you the answers you need. 10/10 would recommend :)"

— Connie '21, Louisiana


— Allison, Colorado

"Working with Jessica made my application experience so much easier. She was by my side every step of the way, never leading me, but still close enough to catch me if I fell. From the day I met Jessica, she made the process less scary. I knew that I was in the right hands.
Jessica also has the best personality. She is super outgoing, kind, supportive, etc... Even today I still know that she is supporting me, and she will be there to help me up if I fall.
Jessica, thank you for everything!!!"

— Sophie '20, Colorado


— Tara, Illinois

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