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Scholarship Spotlight: Colleges That Change Lives Scholarship

Updated: Mar 22, 2023


Are you a senior high school student looking to attend a small liberal arts school? Are you looking for additional scholarships to help pay for your college education? Does a renewable $1,000 a year scholarship sound appealing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then do we have a scholarship for you! The Colleges That Change Lives Scholarship (based on Loren Pope's book, Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools That Will Change The Way You Think About Colleges) provides an opportunity for students interested in attending a College That Changes Lives (CTCL) member institution to receive additional financial aid support.



Colleges That Change Lives, Inc.


Award Benefits

$1,000 award for 2-3 students annually that plan to attend a Colleges That Change Lives member institution. The scholarship renewable each year for four years, totaling $4,000.





What Makes this Opportunity Unique?

One of the most common demoralizers in the scholarship application process is realizing that hundreds, thousands, possibly tens of thousands of other students are applying to the same scholarship. A unique thing about the CTCL scholarship is that its requirements naturally limit the applicant pool to a much more realistic number. While only 2-3 scholarships are available each year, only students planning on enrolling in a CTCL member institution will be competing for the scholarship.


When is the application due?

Application Opens: Early Spring 2022 (TBD)

Application Deadline: Late Spring 2022 (TBD)

While the open and close dates on the CTCL Scholarship can vary from year to year, the scholarship application generally opens in the early spring (~February) and closes in the late spring (~April). Concrete dates will be available at the link below when the next scholarship application cycle is announced.


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